About Mark Waskow

Mark Waskow courtesy of 7Days

Mark Waskow courtesy of 7Days

Mark S. Waskow has been a collector almost from birth.  One could say that he was genetically predisposed to it.  His father was an irrepressible collector and collected a wide variety of things.  The same can be said of his passion for the arts.  His mother had been a Commercial Artist in the Fashion Industry in New York City as a young adult.  Mark started with rocks and minerals at age 3, moved on to seashells at age 4 and got into collecting insect specimens at age 5.  Unlike most people who happen to collect a thing or two, Mark never stopped collecting the items comprising the previous collection.  Each new collection has been additive in nature not a replacement.  There are now 42 different collections that Mr. Waskow pursues. Certainly, some are more active areas of collecting than others.

Participation in a 1995 Fleming Museum exhibition awoke something inside of him and put him into direct contact with three individuals who would become key catalysts in his artistic development.  Nothing else happened until September, 1998.  It was then, that Mark went to the South End Art Hop, and his relationship to art changed dramatically.  He went from a passive admirer to an enthusiastic supporter virtually overnight.  There were signs and symptoms along the way.  He had interacted with artists and provided materials from his collections to create cutting-edge installations as well as to create exhibitions of his collections themselves.  He had been on the Board of a local Central Vermont based visual arts organization, for which he had a fondness.  It wasn’t until September of 1998, that the die was finally caste.  Within six months, he had over 300 art objects and decided that he was going to devote a large portion of his time to creating a world class collection of contemporary visual art.  There are now over 9,000 pieces in his collection, which is believed to be the largest collection of its kind in Northern New England.

Mark has never like getting involved in areas within which he had no expertise.  Within a year and a half after starting his art collection, Mark started systematically reading books about art history, art criticism, art influences, design, architecture, fashion, crafts and about individual artists.  He also sought out people knowledgeable in these fields with whom to interact.  He started going to galleries and museums in Boston, Montreal and especially New York City.  Well known for his insight and vision, his commitment to the visual arts has not wavered.  Today he is on the Board of The Main Street Museum in White River Junction, VT and The South End Arts and Business Association (SEABA) in Burlington, VT, as well as the long time previous Chair of the South End Art Hop (12 years).  He is also a past member of the Board of The Center for Book Arts in New York City and has served on several of its committees, two of which he Chaired.

His “art switch” got fully flipped into the ‘on’ position and hasn’t flipped back since.  In addition to creating The Waskowmium, a significant collection of contemporary visual art, he also acts as an Artist Representative/Agent and regularly engages in feats of Independent Curation.  He has curated shows in Boston, MA, Brooklyn and Manhattan, N.Y., as well as many Vermont locations.