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September 14, 2011

Waskow in Seven Days

This week’s Seven Days edition features a healthy portion of art-hop-related reviews and promo, including a nice profile of Waskowmium founder Mark Waskow. Alternately dubbed “the Buddha of the Material World” and “Vermont’s Lorenzo de’Medici” Seven Days’ Kevin Kelly gives a generous three pages of ink to Mark’s mission and collection. Nice quotes from notables […]


The MixedMedia blog reports that there’s a great new effort underway to document the everyday fabricators, makers, crafters, and artists at the heart of today’s DIY movement. Its called Makeshift Magazine: A Journal of Hidden Creativity and their first issue is out. If you support their launch by contributing to their Kickstarter campaign, you’ll get […]


Join thousands of art enthusiasts for the 2011 South End Arts Hop, Vermont’s largest showcase of contemporary art, fashion, and more! The Art Hop is a two-day event occurring on the weekend following the Labor Day holiday. It attracts over 30,000 visitors, the majority from outside Burlington. Visitors are attracted to the South End artist’s […]


Vermont ArtZine reports that a deeply introspective public installation has opened on the streets of Montpelier – its a great scoop. In all there are 12 sets of images, each paired with an audio file accessible by phone. When you find a pair of images – one a high point and the other a low […]

August 5, 2011

October Show: Book Arts

As the 2011-2012 school year kicks off, the Waskowmium is pleased to present our first show, Book Objects and Altered Books – a celebration of the variety of ways to create, transform, adapt, and reinterpret the concept of a book. Over the last twenty years, the Waskowmium has developed a collection of rare and intriguing […]